Environmental, Social & Governance
Approach to ESG Strategy and Reporting

The Group's approach to ESG strategy seeks to align with the development of the Group and value creation for our stakeholders. Key ESG issues are identified, prioritised and addressed to demonstrate transparency and accountability to the stakeholders concerned.

As a leading integrated telecommunications operator in Hong Kong, the Group acknowledges the importance of good ESG strategy and therefore integrates ESG into its daily operations. ESG issues are addressed both at Group and business level. The Board has delegated day-to-day responsibility for corporate governance and sustainability matters to the Governance Working Group. This group provides strategic direction, establishes sustainability policy and objectives, oversees corporate governance matters and monitors progress.

A sustainability taskforce has been formed to formulate and translate policy into action, while facilitating exchange of best practices throughout group companies. Business units and departments within the Group then integrate such initiatives into operations and activities. The sustainability taskforce collects and analyses data, evaluates performance and reports major issues to Governance Working Group on periodic basis.

Stakeholder engagement and material assessment

Stakeholder engagement is an integral part of the Group's approach to sustainable development. The Group maintains ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders including employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, local communities, professional institutions, non-governmental organisations and the authorities. The Group collects views from stakeholders regularly through a variety of channels such as meetings, liaison groups, panel discussions, surveys, feedback programmes and workshops.

ESG compliance and how the Group leverages what it does as a core business to benefit the community are of key concern and interest to the Group's stakeholders and therefore enjoy priority in the way the Group manages ESG. Given the diversity of business operations supporting various basic functions of society, ESG aspects considered important by stakeholders range from environmental emissions and use of resources to employment and operating practices, as well as investment in the community. Material aspects identified are reviewed annually and updated by Corporate Governance Committee where necessary.