Environmental, Social & Governance
Commitment to Our Staff Members

Recruiting, engaging and retaining talent

Employees represent a precious asset of the Group, and career opportunities are made available to loyal and industrious staff members, as the Group expands.

As of 31 December 2016, the Group employed 2,304 full-time staff members. The Group is committed to complying with the Employment Ordinance and associated guidelines and regulations including laws prohibiting child and forced labour. Every aspect of employment is subject to a stringent internal review process. This involves a well-defined monitoring procedure to verify a candidate's personal information so as to prevent misrepresentation and any form of forced labour. An official employment contract comes complete with easily-understood terms and conditions, and each individual is well briefed before being employed. The Group's Code of Ethics requires staff to comply with applicable government and regulatory laws, rules, codes and regulations.

The Group adopts equal employment opportunity policies and runs programmes that ensure employees are hired, promoted and assigned on the basis of their skills and abilities. The Group is committed to providing all employees with a positive, diverse, respectful and safe working environment, without discrimination or harassment. The selection process affords equal opportunities to all persons subscribing to the Group's commitment to excellence - and is carried out regardless of race, colour, gender or religious belief. This non-discrimination policy continues throughout a staff member's career and applies to all employment matters including placement, transfer, promotion and compensation.

Investing in training and development

Heavy emphasis on career development translates into extensive and ongoing workshops and on-the-job training. Comprehensive and structured programmes are designed to familiarise new staff members with the industry. The Group also extends tailored programmes to certain educational institutions to help identify potential candidates for employment and allow those interested to learn more about a career development path.

Educational sponsorship is available to employees in the form of job-related courses provided by external institutions. The Group encourages employees to take part in work-life balance activities and community service. These include employee outings, sports events and volunteering activities in the community.

The Group won the “7th Asia Best Employer Brand Awards 2016 - Asia's Best Employer Brand”, thereby demonstrating commitment to retention of talent and motivating our employees to build their career within the Group.

Promoting well-being, health and safety

The Group provides a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, and is committed to complying with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations. Health and safety considerations are an important element of the design, operation and maintenance of the office facilities, and the way our business is conducted.

Employees are able to access health and safety information posted on the Group's intranet, which includes hyperlinks to external sites. A list of first aid helpers is maintained in offices, along with information to help employees understand how accidents should be reported.

Regulatory compliance

During 2016, the Group was not aware of any non-compliance with laws and regulations that have a significant impact relating to employment and labour practices or occupational health and safety. Nor did the Group identify any incidents relating to hire of child and forced labour.