Environmental, Social & Governance
Commitment to Our Community

The Group engages in a wide range of philanthropic efforts to benefit the community. Such initiatives include employee volunteerism, education and health care. In line with sound corporate governance practice, donations and contributions are subject to internal compliance guidelines and controls in order to safeguard stakeholder interests.

The Group has maintained "Caring Company" status - granted by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service - for a long period of time. The Group has adopted a public engagement and donation policy to encourage service to the community through voluntary staff efforts and by way of cash and in-kind donations.

Cash and in-kind donations benefitting community projects in Hong Kong and Macau under the subject headings of community, education, youth and the elderly during 2018 amounted to approximately HK$1.4 million, in which HK$1.3 million was made to charitable organisations.

The Group has made in-kind donations to the benefit of a diversity of needy individuals by drawing on the strength of its superior mobile network and technology expertise. In 2018, the Group supported the Hong Kong Jockey Club Online Youth Emotional Support Project, a text-based online-crisis support initiative that targets youth. The Group also supported fundraising programmes run by charitable organisations such as Save the Children Hong Kong, Sheng Kung Hui St. Christopher’s Home and the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council. The Group supported the Narcotics Division of the Security Bureau to spread anti-drug abuse messaging via SMS.

The Group continued to help senior citizens by providing the free "e-Care Link" package, which includes voice minutes, local data usage and the all-year-round call-and-care "e-Care Link" service. All this was done under the auspices of the Safety Phone Service Packages Sponsorship Programme organised by the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association. The year under review also saw continuity of the Lo-Yau-Kee Monthly Service Plans Sponsorship Programme, launched in 2010. Meanwhile, senior citizens from a number of charitable organisations benefitted from a waiver-of-service fee scheme. Some members of the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association and U-Hearts received free SIMs from the Group in order to stay connected with friends and families.

The Group helps develop a more inclusive and caring society by easing the way people with disabilities and special needs obtain information and services. Our corporate website again won a gold award in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme organised by The Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation and co-organised by The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer.

The Group plays an important role in imparting knowledge of mobile technologies and the telecommunications industry. The Group sponsored the "Make our lives easier with AI" App Enhancement Competition as part of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Hong Kong, and supported the Hong Kong 5G Industry Forum organised by the Communications Association of Hong Kong. The Group also supported the Business-School Partnership Programme of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. Our senior executives shared with students personal insight and experience during the career sharing session and visit to our office.

The Group emphasises the importance of striking a healthy work-life balance and encourages staff to participate in various charity sports events such as "A Drop of Life Walk for Water", "Youth Outreach Let’s Walk the Road", the "Children’s Heart Foundation Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk" and "Jardines Sports and Family Day". Our volunteers visited Hong Chi Fu Shin Centre, along with the Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong Shatin District Community Centre for the Golden-Aged and Little Sisters of the Poor St. Mary’s Home for the Aged, and handed out festive gift packs to members.

Meanwhile, staff in Macau took part in a community walk to raise funds for the underprivileged, while the Group continued to sponsor the Mobile Application Software Technologies Training Plan, which encourages youngsters to keep up to speed with the latest mobile application technology.