Environmental, Social & Governance
Commitment to Our Customers

Building trust through reliability and quality

The Group won a number of service awards in 2018, reflecting the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction. These accolades applaud frontline staff for adopting helpful and sincere attitudes when serving customers. The 24/7 online 3iChat customer interface uses emoticons to create a friendly rapport, while the eSelf-service initiative has blossomed into a swift, simple and good-natured customer experience.

Improving the customer experience

The Group maintains a range of customer communications channels such as customer service centres, social networking pages, focus group studies and smartphone applications, so that feedback can be collected and acted upon. The Group treats customer feedback with due care and in a timely manner. Any customer complaints are handled efficiently and investigated to identify and rectify root causes. Records are kept as to how complaints are handled and whether improvements resulted, and measures are in place to review outcomes. The Group also fosters a culture of continuous improvement by benchmarking and publishing service performance details on a regular basis. Service levels are gauged according to performance pledges, then published periodically on the website.

Protecting our customers

Protecting consumers and safeguarding their privacy are top priorities. The Group is committed to complying with data privacy laws and regulations including Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Such commitment to protecting the personal information of customers is well supported by corporate strategies and policies. A robust system is in place to control the collection, access, updating, security and retention of data received. Additionally, the Group develops an internal platform with links to operational guidelines and handbooks, and issues periodic reminders to customer-facing employees, while running workshops to emphasise the importance of protecting personal data.

Regulatory compliance

The Group is committed to ensuring its businesses are operated in compliance with local laws, rules and regulations. Regulatory frameworks within which the Group operates are analysed and monitored, internal policies are prepared and updated accordingly. Tailor-made workshops are also conducted where necessary so as to strengthen the awareness and understanding of the internal controls and compliance procedures of the Group.

The Group was not aware of any incidents of non-compliance with laws and regulations that have a significant impact on the Group concerning product responsibility during the year.