Environmental, Social & Governance
Approach to ESG Strategy and Reporting

Our approach to ESG represents alignment with the long-term strategic development, and enhancement of shareholder value. Key issues are identified, prioritised and addressed in a way that demonstrates transparency and accountability.

As one of the leading mobile telecommunications operators in Hong Kong and Macau, the Group acknowledges the importance of sound ESG practices in daily operations. The Board and senior management provide strategic direction, establish sustainability policy and objectives, oversee corporate governance matters and monitor progress.

The ESG working group was formed to formulate and translate policy into action, while facilitating exchange of best practices throughout internal cost centres and divisions. Heads of cost centres and divisions then incorporate such initiatives into operations and processes. They also collect and analyse data, evaluate performance and report major issues periodically.

Stakeholder Engagement and Material Assessment

The Group maintains ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders including employees, shareholders, investors, customers, business partners, suppliers, professional institutions, non-government organisations, authorities and media partners. The Group collects views from stakeholders on a frequent basis via a variety of channels such as meetings, workshops, surveys and feedback programmes.

ESG compliance and how the Group benefits the community are among key stakeholder interests. Important aspects vary and range from sourcing practices and environmental emissions through to employment and operating practices, as well as community involvement. Material aspects identified are reviewed periodically and the Board is updated as and when appropriate.