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Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (HTHKH; stock code: 215) and its subsidiaries (together referred to as "the Group") is one of the leading telecommuncations operators in Hong Kong and Macau with over 30 years of operating history. In October 2017, the Group disposed of its fixed-line interests to focus on its mobile business. Proceeds from the transaction will enable HTHKH to continue investing in the mobile business, thereby reinforcing its industry leadership and maintaining a strong financial position. HGC Global Communications Limited, the newly named fixed-line operator after the disposal, will remain a key supplier of fixed-line services to HTHKH, and the two entities will maintain a co-operative commercial relationship.

Listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange, HTHKH is included in various Hang Seng indexes such as the Composite Index, Composite Industry Index - Telecommunications, Composite LargeCap & MidCap Index, Composite MidCap Index, Composite MidCap & SmallCap Index, Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index, Low Volatility Index and Global Composite Index.

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