Environmental, Social & Governance

Our anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy sets out standards of conduct for all employees to follow. The Group has also established procedures for reporting possible improprieties relating to matters of financial reporting, internal control and other matters. The aim is to encourage employees - and those who deal with the Group (eg customers, suppliers, creditors and debtors) - to report any suspected impropriety, misconduct or malpractice within the Group. These procedures aim to provide reporting channels and guidance, while reassuring “whistleblowers” they will be protected against any unfair treatment. Cases will be followed up independently by an internal auditor and reported to the Audit Committee and senior management.

Regulatory compliance

The Group is committed to ensuring its businesses are operated in compliance with local laws, rules and regulations. Regulatory frameworks within which the Group operates are analysed and monitored, internal policies are prepared and updated accordingly. Tailor-made workshops are also conducted where necessary so as to strengthen the awareness and understanding of the internal controls and compliance procedures of the Group.

During the year, the Group was not aware of any breach of laws and regulations that have a signifi cant impact on the Group relating to anti-corruption.